Saturday, February 13, 2010


okok yes i do have a lot of friends.. but are those friends REAL friends. when i think about it. there really not my friends. sometimes we dont have any things incommanded then sometimes we get along.

what im trying to say it that. i have really only 4 or 5 friends. cauley jessica jooeun paige and kelsi. i might have more then that tho.. hehe

any ways. i feel more closer to them then any of my friends. sad thing is i can only see 2 of them this year:( jooeun paige and kelsi are at hi school (yes sometime i wonder how they got there) and i miss them.

when some ask me who ur frinds i say them then i say others but really there just class mates.

are ur friends REAL friends. or just class mates or people u just talk to ?



  1. Im your real friend!!!! The most awesomest, coolest, hottest one you have!!!!!

  2. hottest? realy? dont count your self that lucky paigey :)