Saturday, November 27, 2010

Life as it is..

well school home facebook. yup . thats pretty much my life atm... not that great.  but oh well gets me thru the dats

iv been slightly lonly at the start of the year. when i started to drift from my bestfriend. then i found a new one. a guy , his name is matthew powel. he's short and geeky (as in smart) but hes actully awesome. and fun to hang out with. now at this time , im still friends with my xbestfriend but were not as close as we had been once. now iv been hanging out with matthew and him teaching me to play soccer she started to like him. now shes his girl friend. i had no problem with this at all. .. unitl last friday she told me this, i was sitting next to matthew when she came along "move over so i can sit nxt to matthew" i  said no coz he's my bestfriend and i was here first.. "yea but im his new bestfriend so you can go away now" and i was like WTF??!?!!?!! .. i walked awway . knowing matthew he wasnt paying attention to  both of us , he asked me whats wrong . blah blah balha blah blah.. :P

well that pretty much sums up my last friday :l lolz .... dreadfull ae?
i dont want to keep you any longer so .. gud by and lol im srry for taking away how many seconds of your life that you wasted on this :) seeyyaa!!


Saturday, February 13, 2010


okok yes i do have a lot of friends.. but are those friends REAL friends. when i think about it. there really not my friends. sometimes we dont have any things incommanded then sometimes we get along.

what im trying to say it that. i have really only 4 or 5 friends. cauley jessica jooeun paige and kelsi. i might have more then that tho.. hehe

any ways. i feel more closer to them then any of my friends. sad thing is i can only see 2 of them this year:( jooeun paige and kelsi are at hi school (yes sometime i wonder how they got there) and i miss them.

when some ask me who ur frinds i say them then i say others but really there just class mates.

are ur friends REAL friends. or just class mates or people u just talk to ?